Saturday, June 6, 2009

Been Googling? Try Binging..

It was last monday at office.
I had just reached my desk, turned on my Mac, was going through my mails when I read it on a news feed that a brand new search engine has been launched by Microsoft.
The name was an instant favorite for me as its Chandler's last name.
I just had to try it out right then. I opened my browser and typed and voila..
A nice screen came up with a text field and some options here and there. The next thing I did was sign in with my account to check out the full featured beta version.
I found it very cool with all the options and the top related search strings sitting nice and pretty by the side.
Having studied about search algorithms I was really curious to use a new one and compare it to google's page rank algorithm.
Well the jury will be out there and you'll read many blogs regarding this.
Here's what I thought:
I tried the image search that has real cool suggestions for a more advanced search, like you get to choose the resolution of the images, you can chose the size, the type.
Not that google does'nt provide it but still you need to put some strings in google to look for a particular type. With bing you can do it easily because its right there.
Also when you move your mouse over your search results it actually pops out in a different window.
My work requires me to google many times a day but the last week I switched between bing and google. I even suggested many of my colleagues to try binging.
One more cool feature in bing is its video search. You'll read a lot about it, I'm sure.
When you search for a video, again the options are really helpful and suggestive but when you put your mouse pointer on any of the search result it automagically starts playing. Now that's something. The first thing I thought was, wow you can view any video without actually visiting the site on, that's a little tricky proposition you know, watching any kind of stuff without actually visitng any site. I'm sure microsoft will come up with appropriate filtering to whatever extent it's possible.
For now bing is really a refreshing change and may be a reason of discomfort for Lary Page and Sergey Brin.

Anyways you can bing as well.


  1. Thanks a lot for posting this...!

    It would be so benefitial for me and others..!

    but i think, Bing will take some time to get popularity and success as google has..because everyone is used to search through google..!

    lets see, in upcoming days, how bing competes its competitor...!

  2. Did you hear that BING really stands for 'But Its Not Google'!