Saturday, August 14, 2010

Midnight 15th August 2010

Well this should be fun. As I started writing this, I made some coffee for myself.. took a break from working on my project.. turned to my iTunes ghazals playlist..
All set now... its 15th August 2010.. 12:25 A.M Chandigarh... Independence Day for us.. There are Facebook status updates, tweets, smses doing the rounds about this day and young Indians showing their patriotism for the nation. Its cool to see that we have so many people who despite of all the wrong things about India love their country... We surely need positive attitude to deal with our problems, but I fear that it really may end up as hype only. Some of us are already dissapointed to have lost out on an opportunity to gobble up a working day as a holiday.. since its a sunday. Good news guys.. for the next few years.. 15th August will fall on a working day, so that we can enjoy a holiday...
To each his own.. Celebrate as you please.. but I guess we should remember the country for the whole year and not just 15th August and 26th January... and more importantly think of yourself as an Indian and not regionally specific inhabitants.. Trust me we have so many talented, honest and hardworking people around... Don't just get caught up in the hype of a few who give the others a bad name..
So the next time you cross a red light, pay or recieve bribe to get any kind of work done.. abuse anyone in public or just rant about the poor infrastructure in our country.. remember the famous lines from a popular movie..
"koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect ban-na padta hai".

Someone once wrote... " My country, when right keep it right, when wrong make it right"

God Bless all of you.. I'll enjoy my ghazals and coffee :-)